I'm a self-taught web developer focusing on the core web fundamentals - HTML, CSS and JS. I'm experienced in frontend frameworks like Vue and React and static site generators like Next.js and Eleventy. I write SCSS or use CSS frameworks like TailwindCSS, Bootstrap or Bulma to speed up styling of my projects.

I am highly motivated in expanding my horizons day by day for better performance, testing and user experience.


Example Inc

Jul. 2019:
Fullstack Developer
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Vue Vuex Bootstrap Docker Git Bitbucket Jira


Personal blog:
My blog is the center of my online presence. Here, I share posts about what I've learnt, tutorials and my thoughts on web development in general.
Deployed to:
Code on:
  • Static generation
  • Blog content written in Markdown
  • Counter for pageviews and likes
  • My latest tweets
  • Featured images made with Inkscape
  • SEO
Built with:
Next.js CSS styled-jsx DynamoDB Vercel

Expand my skills

I'd like to expand my skills and knowledge in several fields

  • TypeScript
  • Testing, e.g. with Mocha, Chai, Jest
  • Web Components, e.g. with StencilJS, LitElement
  • Prototyping and Wireframing, e.g. with Figma, Adobe XD
  • Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Databases
  • Mobile development
  • Backend development, e.g. learn additional language like Go, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Rust